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User instruction for portable fire extinguishers

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1. Summary
Portable dry powder fire extinguishers utilize nitrogen as propellant gas, which make ABC powder fire-extinguishing agent spray to put out the flame. It is one kind of the stored pressure fire extinguisher, hereinafter referred to as the fire extinguisher. Its technical properties comply with the requirements of EN3-8. This serial fire extinguisher has characteristics of simple structure, operating flexibly, high efficiency and applicable in extensive range.
Schematic Diagram :

5、Dip tubes
2. The structure and  Applicable scope
M FZ portable type/ABC dry powder fire extinguishers, the machine head, barrel, injection system (more than 3 kg type equipped with discharge hose), and other parts, MFZ/ABC1 (2, 3, 4, 5) type fire extinguisher cylinder manufactured tensile, welding, heat treatment process, MFZ/ABC8 type
cylinder adopts 2 girth, a straight seam of carbon dioxide protection welding. Using nitrogen as driven by gas, the cylinder body of the ABC dry powder fire extinguishing agent with pink mist spewed put out the flame. Technical performance meet the requirements of the EN3-7:2004+A1 with high
extinguishing efficiency, high speed, flexible use, easy to operate, beautiful appearance, wide applicable range, etc. Widely used in gas stations, libraries,
laboratories, transformer substations and fire extinguishing gas, liquefied petroleum gas stations and other places.

ABC dry powder fire extinguishing agent is non-toxic, non-corrosive,
long-term storage is not metamorphism, non-conductive, etc, can effectively put out at the beginning of flammable liquids, combustible gas and electrical equipment of fires, still can put out solid material such as cotton, hemp, paper, MuZhu early fires, commonly known as the universal agent.
Note: ABC dry powder fire extinguishing agent sodium, potassium and other metal fire cannot be used for fighting, saves the material can use metal fire special powder fire extinguishing agent; Precision instruments and also does not apply to fighting fires caused by electrical equipment, so as not to cause defiled to protect goods.
3. Main characteristics
1) High fire-extinguishing ability.
2) Fire-extinguishing agent and propellant gas are nontoxic, tasteless, not
corrosive and harmless to people and animals.
3) The fire-extinguishing agent will not go bad during long time preservation. It
has good insulating property, not conductive.
4) The valve contains the pressure indicator that can reveal its internal
pressure which facilitates the check and maintenance.
1) Pull out the safety pin and press the handle, the dry powder will spray immediately. Put the nozzle aiming at the root of fire, it can put out the flame rapidly.
2) Decisively rapidly pit out the fire; do not assault the oil surface directly, in case that the oil splash and cause more fire.
3) Vertically use, do not lay or invert.
5Main Technical Parameters

1) This fire extinguisher is stored pressure container, should avoid colliding
while transporting and preserving. The fire extinguisher shall be placed it is ventilated, prevent being freezing and moistened, avoid being caught in the
rain and tanned。
2) Fire extinguishers storage temperature for 10 ~ + 45 ℃。
3) No matter fire extinguishers already been used or not, for five years to the
date of production or before refilling, main parts of the fire extinguisher, such
as valve, cylinder, should be inspected with hydraulic test by professional personnel according to the standard. It is allowed to use only pass the test.
After hydraulic test, dry the internal wall in case of corrosion. Cylinders failed
the test cannot be repair by welding or any other way。
1)Suitable for use on live electrical equipment up to 1000v at a distance
of 1m.
2) Do not use outside the temperature range.
3)If the indicator enters the red section, withdraw the fire extinguisher
from service.