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Fire safety knowledge

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Be careful!
  Fire is very dangerous. It's necessary for us to learn a lot more about fire, especially what to do if we are caught in a fire.
Call 119
  Never try to put out a fire yourself, even if it is a very small one! Get help from your parents or call 119. Tell 119 where you are and what is on fire.
Keep down close to the floor
 If there is a lot of smoke in your room, keep down close to the floor. There is less smoke down there, so it's easier to breathe and see where you are going. If you don't, the smoke may kill you before the fire does.
Test the door
Test the door before you open it. Touch it with the back of your hand near the top. If the door is cool, open it carefully. If the door is hot, do not open it! Try to find a different way out. Most home fires start at night when people are asleep. So, always close your bedroom door before you sleep. It can keep the fire out.
Get out
  If you can, get out your home soon. Do not stop to pick up anything. The fire can spread quickly in a few seconds!
Don't use the lift  
Never use the lift during a fire. Always use the stairs. A lift may stop at a floor where the fire is burning. It may also go wrong and keep you inside.
Don't go back
Never go back into a burning building! Even if you have left your pet or favourite toy inside, do not go back for it. Don't worry about your pets. Animals have a very good smell. They often get out of buildings before people!