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eighteen Fire Safety Tips

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Adhere to public fire safety regulations. Dial 119 immediately once fire incident happens. Fire fighting is free of charge. 
Dial 96119 and report to the local public security and fire agent once there is fire hazard or illegal fire safety behavior,
Do not bury, occupy, destroy, divert or cover fire facility and equipment.
Do not carry inflammable and explosive dangerous goods into public area or public transportation.
Do not use open flames or smoke in No Open Flames area.
Do not purchase illegal fireworks or crackers. Abide safety regulations and alert fire life safety when setting off.
Family and enterprises must be equipped with adequate fire equipment and operate in right way.

Each family should make fire safety plan and evacuation map and inspect regularly to eliminate fire hazards.  Flammable interior decoration material is inadvisable. 
Use electrical equipment in right way. Do not overload circuits or power. Replace aging electrical equipment and lines in time. Left with all switches shut down.
Use gas facilities and equipment in right way and conduct regular inspection. If you find a gas leakage, quickly close the valves, open windows and doors, do not touch switches or use open flames
Keep fire, lighter and match away from children’s reach.
In case of fire, keep calm, raise fire alarm and proceed to the nearest exit. Do not go back for personal belongs. Dot not use elevators. Do not jumping out of building.
 Wet cloth covered head, body, mouth and noise in heavy smoke channel, bent forward.

 Roll on the ground or put thick coat on the on fire body to put down the flames. 
If exit is blocked by fire, use wet cloth to block the door. Send out distress signal and wait for rescue.