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Jian An people donated for staff difficulties

Source:     Writer: admin     Pubdate: 2018-06-13     times visits
    Huang Qiuying, joined in Jian An family for three years, is a punching machine worker in sheet-metal workshop. She worked hard without complaint; she helped colleagues in the job and got along with us friendly. 

Last year, her 16 years old daughter was ill and confirmed to be a kind of serious disease called liver ascites. Thousands of medical fees were unbearable for a common rural family. Jian An people got the news and donated for her daughter voluntarily to help her family.

Photos at site of activity: 
President is making speech before donation
Our best wishes for Huang Qiuying’s daughter 3.png
All staffs attend the donation
These are all love of our company to Huang Qiuying