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hfc 227ea fm 200 fire gas extinguisher suppression system price

hfc 227ea fm 200 fire gas extinguisher suppression system price

hfc 227ea fm 200 fire gas extinguisher suppression system price
hfc 227 Fire extinguishing agent


In this system, heptafluoropropane (HFC-227ea) as fire extinguishing agent,
Heptafluoropropane mainly in chemical extinguishing, also has physical fire extinguishing function, colorless, tasteless, clean,
no conducting, no pollution to the protected object, will not cause damage to property and precision equipment,
no damage to the ozone layer of the atmosphere (ODP value is zero), comply with environmental requirements,
in most area of the protected zone, the concentrations of fire extinguishing agent are lower than the body's toxic reaction concentration (NOAEL concentration ),
the human body is safe, is an excellent gas fire extinguishing agent.

Product Advantage:
(1) Accurate and reliable actions

 (2) Simple operation and maintenance, beautiful appearance

 (3) Not harming the living environment for the human

(4) The fire extinguishing technology is mature, and there is no residue after outfire.

 (5) Remaining life of composition in the atmosphere is short

 (6) It is good to be stored and good to keep stable. 



  Actually, a complete one set system contains two parts: the extinguishing device(the whole composition is like the photo beside) and electrical elements.


  One set cabinet type fm200 fire suppression device is formed by the following components: fm200 agents, a fm200 cylinder, a hoop, a cabinet, a container valve, a solenoid actuator, a flexible hose(high pressure hose), nozzle(s) and pressure switch.


                              Odorless FM200 Fire Extinguishing System /  Heptafluoropropane Fire Suppression System Cabinet Type

Applicable Scope

1. hexafluoropropane can put out various fires including A, B, C, D fire, which can be used safely and effectively in sites with people.

2. Protect valuable articles, priceless treasure, and precious archives and software and hardware as well.

3. The sites where the automatic water spray fire extinguisher is not available or the flood may be caused because of the use of the fire system. 

4. The site where it is difficult to clean the residue after the agentia is sprayed.  

5. The site where a little fire extinguishing agent is needed to reach extinguishing effect when the storage space for the agentia is limited.  


1. There are chemical substances such as nitrocellulose and black powder which could be oxidated quickly without the air.

2. The site where the active metals such as Ka, Na, Me, Ti and U are stored and produced.  

3. The site where the metal hydride is stored.

 Notes to Installation and Use:

1. Installation requirements on equipment line, the equipment use 1.5 m2 multiple copper cores, the two starting lines are in parallel, the two feedback lines are in parallel, the one grounding line has five lines in total.

2. Arrangement requirements on equipment, within 1.0m of the spout of the condensed aerosol fire extinguishing device, equipment or appliances shall not be installed within 0.2m of the back, side and top of the device.  

3. Basic requirements of defence area, the area of the defence area shall not be over 500mwhen the pre-engineered system is adopted, and the capacity shall not exceed 1600 m3. The fire endurance of the fencing structure, doors and windows in the defence area shall not be less than 0.5h; the fire endurance of the suspended ceiling shall not be less than 0.25h. The allowable pressure of the fencing structure of the defence area that bears the internal pressure shall not be less than 1200 Pa.  

4. The pressure relief opening shall be set up in the defence area, the pressure relief opening of hexafluoropropane fire extinguishing system shall be placed over 2/3 of the clear height of the defence area, and the pressure relief opening of the defence area shall be set up in the exterior wall. The area of the pressure relief opening shall be calculated as per provisions of the corresponding gas extinguishing system.    


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