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abc type rated dry powder chemical fire extinguisher use for a.b.c fire and electrical fire

abc type  rated dry powder chemical fire extinguisher use for a.b.c fire and electrical fire

abc type  rated dry powder chemical fire extinguisher use for a.b.c fire and electrical fire

Hanging ultrafine dry powder extinguishing device(hereinafter for short “extinguishing
device”) with the models of 4 kg, 5 kg, 8 kg, 10 kg. Extinguishing device has the character of
"response quickly, alarm early, extinguishing efficient, ecological and environmental protection".
When the fire extinguishing device environment temperature reaches the set point,or the
extinguishing device receives the starting signals from the control system,the device will start
automaticly to put out the fire rapidly. The ultrafine dry powder is nontoxic and harmless, no
stimulation to human skin&respiratory tract, no corrosion to protect objects; no decomposition,
moisture absorption ,diffuse&insulationhas; high fire extinguishing efficiency,is 6-10 times as ordinary dry powder,
this device is used total flooded extinguishing fire &local fire. Fire extinguishing device can
connected with fire alarm control system, can be used individual, also could linkage with more
device,compose no network fire extinguishing system

Model number and technical parameters of the fire extinguishing device with stored pressure type superfine powder:
The extinguishing device is composed of extinguishing agent storage tank, superfine dry powder extinguishing agent, built-in gas generator, electric initiating device, signal feedback device and mounting bracket.

Outer size,mm Φ255×384.5 Φ255×404.5 Φ300×455 Φ350×440
Agent  KG  4 5 8 10
protection space,m3 30 38 61 76
electric start DC24V(0.5A-1.5A)
Heat start 68℃
Spray time ,s <5
Using degree,℃ -10- +50
Service life: 5
Extinguisher type A .B .C type fire and electrical fire

Fire extinguishing device has the characteristics of "quick response, early
warning, efficient fire extinguishing, ecological and environmental protection".
Working method:
Start signal (automatic or manual), trigger ignite gas agent and gas agent is activated, quickly produce gas, gas rapidly expanding inside the shell, shell internal pressure rise, after reaching a certain value when the gas pressure, gas mixed with superfine powder fully, and will burst nozzle aluminum membrane ,superfine powder extinguishing agent to spray rapid injection and quickly spray  to all around, form the total flooding mist extinguishing, fire was put out in the ultrafine dry powder under the action of both physical and chemical 

Superfine powder feature 
The superfine powder extinguishing agent installed in the extinguishing device is non-toxic and harmless, and has no irritation to human skin and respiratory tract, and no corrosion to protective objects.Under normal conditions, it does not decompose, absorb moisture or agglomerate, and it has good fluidity, dispersion and point insulation.High extinguishing efficiency, 6-10 times of ordinary dry powder extinguishing agent;The device is suitable for full flooding and partial application.

Fire extinguishing device can be connected with fire alarm control system, which can be used alone, and can be used in conjunction with multiple units, forming a fire extinguishing system without pipe network.

installation notice
In full submergence application, the general installation height should be within 4 meters, but when the protection area height is more than 8 meters, can be divided into two layers of installation, is conducive to quickly and uniformly extinguishing the fire.When applied to local protection, the distance between the sprinkler head of the extinguishing device and the protected object is no more than 6 meters.If it is more than 6 meters, the bracket can be configured to adjust the protection distance, and the fire extinguishing device can be selected to improve the specification (increase the quality of extinguishing agent).
The fire extinguishing equipment of the same specification should have the same protective area at the same height.When the quality of extinguishing agent increases or the mounting distance increases, the protective area increases.When the protective object is the fire carrier which is easy to rekindle or the protection site is complex, the specification of extinguishing device can be appropriately improved (increase the quality of extinguishing agent).
Instructions for use of joy-mounted dry powder extinguishing device
Product transportation and handling are strictly prohibited to drop or rough handling.
The extinguishing device cannot be repaired in the state of power. If the system needs to be repaired, the device line must be disconnected, and the start-up line of the device is in the state of short circuit.
Do not use the case and aluminum film of the fire extinguishing device when there is damage.
No testing is allowed without the permission of the manufacturer's representative.
To open the package, check the integrity of the shell and nozzle film.
Check the completeness of the internal supply component of the packing box.
 check whether the device leads are short connected.
After the system line is installed and debugged, the device lead can be connected to the system

Application :
Can be widely used in metallurgical industry,Tobacco industry,The logistics industry,
Electric power systems,Transportation,Books,Archives,Etc.
Apply to protect the tobacco warehouse,Logistics,Warehouse,Cable trench,
Power distribution cabinets,Archives room,Computer room,
Passenger car engine compartment,Car engine compartment,Hangar,Ship,Subway and so on.

Product advatage
Easy to install, it is not influenced by building or Protective structure,no need to install large number of
pipelines and additional facilities,just fix the device in the protection zone or above the protect content.
Quick start, reliable in performance. Extinguishing equipment adopt two scientific extinguishing
method to detect the fire, early suppression, effectively reduce the loss caused by fire.Fixed temperature
starting: when the fire occurrence, the environment temperature rises to the extinguishing equipment
specified temperature, fire thermal device action,release ultra-fine dry powder extinguishing. Electrical
starting: hanging extinguishing equipment startup controller can be connected to all the fire alarm
controller, when the fire detector to detect the fire signal, the controller confirm fire,fire extinguishing
device release agent automaticallyautomaticly. Or the staff press the manual button to start
extinguishing fire equipment. In special circumstances, the electrical starting way failure, once the
environment temperature rises to the specified temperature, the thermal device automatically start to
put out the fire.
Could install individual or linkage with more device, saves large space fire.

Extinguishable fire devices include:
Type A fire: flammable solid fire, such as cotton, wood, hemp, paper, rubber, plastics and tobacco.
Type B fire: flammable liquid and soluble solid fire, such as crude oil, heavy oil, diesel oil, gasoline, organic solvent, etc.
Class C fire: combustible gas fire, such as gas, natural gas, acetylene, etc.
Category E live equipment fire: live equipment fire in machine room, substation, cable tunnel, cable trench, etc.

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